Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Matthew- stalker, or lover?

Matthew Kobayashi Alexander is my "boyfriend". That's what he says at least. I met Matty when I was thirteen years old. Hmm.... That was.... *slowly does math* Um... If I'm 15 now, how many years back was I 13? (I suck at math!) . . . Forget it! You guys do the math for me! Anyway, I met Matty when I was 13, and he was probably around... 15... Wow. I never realized he was two years older then me! Okay, I'm really stupid! ^3^ 
I was walking in the park with my friends Meg and Blanco (aka, Meg's annoying suitor, who I always call Blanco because of his white hair and the fact he has no brains) when I was suddenly run over by a large black-and-white German Shepard mix and a 15 year old weirdo. The German Shepard's name was Zola, and I think you know who the weirdo was (Matty, if your dim). Zola is REALLY big. She is a mix of something, and I think it might be horse. She promptly knocked me down and chased a cat half down the block. After Matty helped me up, he chased down Zola and came back, offering a stick of gum and an apology. While Blanco was trying to hug Meg, and Meg was petting Zola, Matty was Staring at me, and I was chewing his gum. (It was really yummy, Cherry flavor!) Matty ended up coming to my house, after dropping Zola at her owner's house (Matty was just watching her, apparently) Blanco and Matty played Guitar Hero while Meg and I tried to make tea. (It ended up with a lot of burns and something that smelled vaguely like mint and honey) Matty came to my house almost every day since then, and I guess he considers us a couple, since we kinda go out. Although I love Matty, he can be weird. Once, he stuck his hand in a jelly jar, because he said he was "Searching for bugs". I have a cold right now, so I have to go eat Matty's soup. Yum... dried noodles and burned beef. Well, at least it has love! Wish me luck~!